An eco-friendly brand

Why an eco-friendly brand? Born out of a passion for the oceans and an aversion for wasting, Coup d’vent uses discarded materials (yacht and windsurfing sails, kites, neoprene…) to make 100% eco-friendly and upcycled products, designed to do the least possible damage to the environment. Each item is unique and hand-crafted from locally reclaimed materials in a circular and sustainable way. Each year we recycle several dozen kites and sails, thus avoiding the waste of these materials intended to last for many more years, and contributing to preserving our environment!

What happens to our nautical gear, to these technical materials made mainly from petrochemicals, when after a few years of use they become unsafe or obsolete? 

The watersports industry has grown tremendously over the last few decades and several hundred thousand kites, sails and wetsuits have been produced. But what happens when this gear is no longer usable or begins to become unsafe? In most cases, they remain in a dusty corner of a garage for a few months or even years, until they are finally sentenced to eternity in a landfill. It’s anything but durable! Neoprene, nylon, polyester, Mylar, all the materials that make up the bulk of our equipment are dirty to produce and difficult to recycle. We spend countless hours cutting, washing, drying and sewing them into unique bags and home accessories that you will use for many years to come.

Our goal: to reduce the ecological footprint of the gear needed for our nautical activities.

kites in the sky
upcycled kite bag
windsurfing sail
white and salty
upcycled windsurf sails
Upcycled windurf sail
une marque écoresponsable

Our story

Coup d’vent is a French eco-conscious and eco-friendly brand registered in 2016, but its history goes back some ten years earlier in New Caledonia. The creator of Coup d’vent first transformed her old windsurfing sail, then a kite found in a dustbin… The name Coup d’vent means “gust of wind” in French. It emerged during an evening with friends, a name that fits the image of the first creations made in New Caledonia where “Coup d’pêche”, “coup d’chasse” and “coup d’fête” occur daily…. The upcycling virus then preyed on kites, yacht sails and old wetsuits. Coup d’vent migrates to Cape Town in South Africa in 2010, then to Australia in Perth in 2014, where bags begin to be sold in local summer markets. Coup d’vent continues its world tour and settles near Brest in 2018!

Coup d’vent breathes new life into these materials designed to withstand the sun for many more years.