Frequently asked questions

How do I care for and wash my upcycled sailbag?

How do I care for and wash my upcycled sailbag? We advise you to wash it by hand. Machine washing is possible at low temperatures (<30°C) but it will accelerate the wear and tear of your bag, altering, in particular, its water-resistance properties. We recommend you not to leave them soaked or locked up wet in the washing machine, some colors may bleed! Bags made from upcycled windsurfing sails or technical yacht sails can be washed with a sponge and soap.

Is my bag 100% upcycled?

All our bags are made in France from upcycled materials: kites, yacht and windsurfing sails, old neoprene wetsuits… We collect a maximum amount of material directly from the kites and sails, and reuse all the pieces and ropes to make our bags! The only non-recycled materials are zips, straps and eyelets.

How do I order a custom bag?

For any order or custom project, we invite you to contact us directly by email using our contact form!

Are the bags waterproof?

The materials in which our bags are made are water-resistant and most are relatively watertight, but our seams and zips are not. Nevertheless, they are ideal for storing your swimsuit or wetsuit when wet and going out in all weathers!

Is it possible that my bag is dirty or damaged?

We take the greatest care in sorting and selecting materials that are still in good condition. All our sails are machine washed before the bags are made. It is however possible that some bags may show small stains or traces of wear and tear, like an indelible memory of a previous life … in case of problem we invite you to contact us and consult our ” Shipping and Returns ” page.

Shipping and returns

See our Shipping & Returns page.

After-sales service and repairs

Please contact us via our contact form for any complaint or request regarding your order.

How to contact us?

You can contact us through our contact form or directly by email at the following address:

You can also leave us a message on our facebook page!